Smart Engineering collaborates in the Follo Line Project to develop concrete mixes and to support in the quality control

The Follo Line project is the largest transport project in Norway with 64 km of new railways. It includes a 20 km tunnel that is the longest in the country. Follo Line will be part of the InterCity development south of Oslo. This railway will connect the capital with Ski in half of the current time. As a result, Follo Line will link residential and working areas, contributing to the development of the region. Construction began in 2015 and is scheduled to end in 2021.

Smart Engineering has previously collaborated in the Follo Line project to optimise the quality control system of steel fiber reinforced concrete (HRFA). This time, Smart Engineering will develop the HRFA ​​mixes and will support the monitoring of quality control implemented in previous stages. This system involves the use of the Barcelona test (AENOR 83515) and the Inductive Method. These tests allow the evaluation of residual strength and fiber content, respectively. Both tests are robust, simple and provide reliable results. Other important tunnel projects, such as the Bank Station Capacity Upgrade project (United Kingdom), are implementing this system.