Smart Engineering in the Innovation Forum of La Vanguardia

Albert de la Fuente, founding partner of Smart Engineering and Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, participates in the program “Encuentros en La Vanguardia”. As a result of this forum, La Vanguardia has published an article on December 3rd 2017.

The topics discussed include the advances in initiatives to support entrepreneurship. In fact, Barcelona and Madrid are in the top 5 in the ecosystem ranking for start-ups in the European Union. Nevertheless, the shortcomings and next steps to be taken are also analysed. An example of success is the United Stats, where 50% of the new employment is generated by newly created business. Albert de la Fuente emphasises that one of the next steps is to improve the university-enterprise relation by providing easier procedures to formalise the collaboration. Although the university already provides mechanisms and administrative support, the companies often “find the bureaucratic inertia” discouraging.


Participantes in the last edition of “Encuentros en La Vanguardia” (Albert de la Fuente: third on the right).