Smart Engineering has been developing since October 2016 a multi-criteria tool for the Diputación of Barcelona. This tool, based on the MIVES methodology, will improve the decision-making process and the prioritization of investments for the Zonal Plan of the local road network of the Diputación of Barcelona. The Zonal Plan planned to allocate 5.4 M € per year in the period 2011-2025 for the direct financing of actions to improve municipal roads and their incorporation into the local network of the Diputación de Barcelona.

The multi-criteria MIVES methodology developed at the UPC allows the development of tools and models for decision-making aid and value and sustainability analysis. This methodology incorporates the possibility of considering value functions, integrating different requirements (economic, social, environmental, technical, etc.), as well as considering homogeneous or heterogeneous alternatives and using hierarchical mathematics (AHP) for the assignment of weights of the indicators.

The tool that Smart Engineering is developing for the Diputación of Barcelona will allow to consider different aspects when making the decision to renew the municipal roads. In this sense, different economic, social and environmental aspects will be taken into account. In this way, a prioritization of investments can be made according to objective, transparent and public criteria. This results in increased sustainability of public investments, as well as transparency of institutions and decision-making processes. The project is expected to be completed by the end of March 2017