Since late last January, Smart Engineering collaborates with the Joint Venture AGJV, consortium of Acciona and Ghella. AGJV was chosen by the Norwegian National Rail Administration to build the double railway tunnel framed in the Follo Line project, the largest project Norwegian transport infrastructure. More details on this project are detailed in this link. The total cost of the project, considering the design and construction of the tunnels, stands at 1,000 million euros. These tunnels, designed for the circulation of high-speed trains, will be the longest in Scandinavia, with 20 km in length.

Smart Engineering will assess the ductility of the reinforcing strategy which will be used in reinforced concrete the segments that make up the segments of the tunnel. The main objetive of Smart Engineering in this project is to optimise the structural reinforcement of the line segments. To this end, a fibre reinforced concrete solution will be proposed considering structural fibres to substitute part of the traditional reinforcement. The security and structural reliability criteria stablished by the customer will be maintained with this solution. Fibre reinforced concrete solutions are highly efficient in these applications and can reduce overall costs of the project.

The reinforcement optimisation will be tackled both by numerical analysis and throughout a comprenhensive experimental campaign in laboratory. Smart Engineering will provide their expertise in optimizing concrete reinforcements using fibre reinforced concrete. This is possible by using sectioanl calculus tools to determine the equivalente reinforcement strategy by using fibre reinforced concrete.