Smart Engineering has been collaborating since last April with the Barcelona City Council in defining the processes of Innovative Public Procurement. The City Council of Barcelona recently presented an ambitious plan to implement a strategic plan that will allow Barcelona to become a city with full technological sovereignty. This plan is scheduled to take place between 2017 and 2019 and has a budget of approximately 65 million euros.

Within the different lines of action of this plan is the open and innovative public procurement, which seeks to transform public procurement and facilitate their access to SMEs. Thus, it is hoped to achieve a more strategic and open contracting that goes beyond social buying and selling, to promote innovative public procurement and thus attract SMEs and self-employed to develop solutions for urban challenges.

In this sense, Smart Engineering has begun the Avalua project with the Barcelona City Council. The objective of this project is the development of a software tool that allows the evaluation and selection of alternatives for innovative public procurement competitions developed by the City of Barcelona. In particular, the challenge of the Superillas pavements will be taken as the starting point of the Avalua project.

In this way, Smart Engineering is established as a fundamental player in the Catalan innovation sector, through the development of advanced tools to aid decision making.