Monsec wireless sensors, developed by Chatu Tech and Smart Engineering, are using in the concrete setting trials of the S1 and S2 sections of the HS2 project (United Kingdom) assigned to the JV SCS Railways. Smart Engineering also collaborates with the HS2 project in the field of quality control of fibre-reinforced concrete with the implementation of the Barcelona test in combination with the inductive test, carrying out with the SmartFibreC equipment. These two collaborations with the HS2 “High Speed ​​Two” project, the largest infrastructure construction project in Europe, strengthen the presence of Smart Engineering in large international projects in the construction sector.

Monsec sensors, a result of the collaboration agreement signed in 2018 between Chatu Tech and Smart Engineering, are a solution for online monitoring of the process of concrete setting. Embedded in the concrete, during the setting and hardening phase, Monsec sensors measure key parameters such as temperature, humidity, and compressive strength, and advanced software provides real-time graphs of these parameters. The information provided allows greater control of the setting process and reliable data on which to base decision-making.

The use of the Monsec wireless sensors is very simple. Once they are arranged in the measurement points and activated, they send the records via radio signal to the Monsec Station. This station transmits the information via a Wi-Fi network or data connection to the Monsec services, where the data is processed by a precise calculation algorithm and visually presented. Also, the mobile app allows you to control different formworks in a unique solution, customizing the frequency of measurements, and setting automatic alarms if the records deviate from the established parameters.

Monsec is a great support in determining the optimal timing for stripping on construction projects and offers many possibilities. The sensors can be adapted for measurements at depths of up to 50 cm, the frequency of taking measurements can be adapted according to the project and the battery of the sensors lasts up to three months. Besides, the reading distances are up to 2000 m2 in the open air or 700 m2 when sensors are located inside metal specimens.

The development of the Monsec sensors means the success of the agreement between Chatu Tech and Smart Engineering. The start of its use in large construction projects such as HS2 shows the high interest and potential of new technological developments in the construction field. Smart Engineering continues to bet on innovation in the Civil Engineering sector, acting as a union between knowledge and business.