ACCIONA has renewed its collaboration agreement with Smart Engineering in the field of 3D concrete printing. This collaboration between ACCIONA and Smart Engineering, which has remained since 2016, is aimed at the development of 3D printing technologies and the mechanical and economic optimization of cementitious materials. The agreement shows the firm decision of ACCIONA to promote innovation, advancing on the way towards the improvement of the sustainability of construction procedures and the materials used for printed concrete using 3D technology.

The collaboration between ACCIONA and Smart Engineering consists of a project in which the D-Shape and Contour Crafting manufacturing systems will be the main 3D concrete printing technologies involved. These printing methodologies allow greater freedom of shapes and geometries, as well as numerous productive, economic and architectural advantages. However, for its successful implementation, it is necessary to develop materials adapted to 3D printing procedures given the particularities of this technology.

In this line, one of the main objectives of the project is the mechanical optimization of cementitious materials to overcome certain current limitations and ensure that the materials used for 3D-printed structural elements achieve the required strength. Besides, the project also considers developing an economically competitive material using materials from local suppliers, which allow reducing costs associated with production and transportation.

The agreement with ACCIONA entails the continuity of Smart Engineering in a line of work of great interest and business potential in the construction field. This project allows promoting the development and expansion of 3D printing technology and consolidates the positioning of Smart Engineering and ACCIONA as companies committed to incorporating sustainable and pioneering solutions in structure and construction technology.