The Smart Engineering company continues its firm commitment to developing its own R&D, by starting two new industrial doctorates. The essential element of the industrial doctorate process is the research project of the company or institution in which the doctoral student develops his research training, in collaboration with a university or research center, and which is the subject of a doctoral thesis. Industrial doctorates thus act as bridges for the transfer of knowledge and help to strengthen relations between the industrial fabric of Catalonia and universities and research centers.

Two new projects have started in 2018, financed by the AGAUR Industrial Doctorate program and the MICINN Industrial Doctorates program. The project financed within the 2018 call of the Doctorats Industrials program of the Generalitat de Catalunya (2018 DI 077), is entitled “Development of new optimized design systems for concrete slabs reinforced with more competitive and sustainable fibers” and is being carried out by Civil Engineer Stanislav Aidarov.

The project financed by the call for Industrial Doctorates of the Ministry of Science and Innovation of the Government of Spain (DI-17-09390), with the project title “Structural optimization of concrete floors reinforced with fibers for building”. This project is carried out by Civil Engineer Alejandro Nogales.

Both projects approach the theme of design and structural optimization of fiber-reinforced concrete slabs from different perspectives. In this way, the company’s Advanced Structural Engineering business line is strengthened and a decisive contribution is made to the development of new technologies and products. Likewise, it is expected that the results of the two industrial doctorate projects will contribute to promoting the use of fiber-reinforced concrete in different structural elements, in this case building slabs. This will be the case, which seeks to obtain a comprehensive method (design, execution and control) of the use of fiber-reinforced concrete that enables more competitive and at the same time more environmentally friendly construction solutions to be achieved by optimizing the consumption of raw materials while maintaining quality and structural safety standards.