The companies Smart Engineering and Chatu Tech sign a collaboration agreement for the development of RFID chips for use in concrete and other applications

On January 31 the companies Smart Engineering and Chatu Tech signed a collaboration agreement for the specific development of projects in those areas and activities that may be of interest and mutual benefit to the two companies, such as the development and commercialization of chips with RFID technology for use in structures and concrete elements. This type of chips allow to improve the traceability of the construction process in different concrete elements, both manufactured in situ and prefabricated. Likewise, they allow the monitoring of physical-chemical parameters of the material, such as temperature and relative humidity, opening the door to the estimation of the compression resistance of the material at early ages through maturity models.

Signing collaboration agreement Smart Engineering – Chatu Tech

In the image, after the signing of the collaboration agreement, Manel Torrentallé (CEO and co-founder of Chatu Tech), Francisco Guarner (Vice-president and co-founder of Smart Engineering), Ignasi Cairó (CTO and co-founder of Chatu Tech) and Ignacio Segura (Innovation & Business Manager and co-founder of Smart Engineering).