Smart Engineering and the UPC is participating at Hydro2017. Hydro2017 is the annual hydropower conference organisated by the International Journal on Hydropower & Dams. The conference will take place at Sevilla from October 9th to 11th. The conference address different topics related to hydropower, including hydraulic infrastructures management, design and performance.

Smart Engineering participates at Hydro2017 with two presentations. Ana Blanco and Ignacio Segura, partners and co-founders of Smart Engineering will take part at Hydro2017. Ana Blanco will present a work related with the investment prioritisation in hydraulic infrastructures, developed by the UPC and Smart Engineering (Investment prioritisation in hydraulic infrastructures to ensure sustainability). Ignacio Segura will present the results of the on-site validation of a novel overlay mortar with biocide properties for hydraulic infrastructures, developed in collaboration by Smart Engineering, the UPC, BASF Construction Chemicals and Endesa (Mitigation of algae growth in hydropower canals using a novel overlay mortar with biocide activity).