During the past 2015 Smart Engineering collaborated with the company FCC, which is participating with other international companies in the Joint Venture Fast Consortium, responsible for the construction of underground tunnels of Ryiadh. This work, one of the most ambitious internationally in underground construction, is facing major challenges and requires advanced structural engineering processes. One of the most important challenges is given by the extreme weather conditions in Saudi Arabia. These conditions make it difficult to ellaborate the line segments of the tunnel made with reinforce concrete.

Smart Engineering conducted an advanced structural engineering study to determine the effect of the extreme conditions that occur in that part of the world, in the development and curing stages of the reinforced concrete segment linings. Especial attention was given to the effect of high temperatures and low humidity. Such conditions may influence the curing process and develop internal stresses in the material. This study allowed Smart Engineering to propose innovative engineering solutions related to the ellaboration of structural concrete in extreme climate conditions.