In the middle of last June, Andrea Monserrat, Engineer of Roads, Channels and Ports for the UPV, joined the Smart Engineering staff. Andrea is finishing her doctoral thesis and has joined the company to strengthen the areas of Structural Engineering, Materials and the area of ​​R D i. This incorporation represents a firm commitment on the part of Smart Engineering for the growth and consolidation of two of the company’s strategic lines.

Andrea has a solid background in Structural Engineering, the result of master’s and doctoral studies carried out at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. His doctoral thesis, entitled Behavior in front of shear of continuous reinforced concrete beams: experimental study of the resistance mechanisms and the influence of the kinematics developed in combination with the bending forces, has been directed by professors José Luis Bonet and Pedro Miguel Sosa, from the UPV. It is expected to defend it in the last quarter of 2020.