Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MSUCE) and Smart Engineering have signed an agreement of cooperation with the aim of jointly developing projects and research work. This agreement aims to ensure collaboration in methodological, analytical, project, and research work. Both MSUCE and Smart Engineering believe that the signing of the agreement is the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship of cooperation and are looking forward to their first joint projects.

MSUCE is one of the oldest technical institutes of higher education in the Russian Federation. Throughout 100 years of history, this institution has made a major contribution towards the development of research works in the field of Civil Engineering and its following application to the construction industry. By signing this agreement, MSUCE shows its interest in working together with Smart Engineering and recognizes its experience in the field of materials technology and structural engineering.

Nowadays, society demands advances in science and technology that can hardly be achieved without close collaboration between researchers and professionals in the field; therefore, the collaboration between companies, research institutes, and universities is of paramount importance.