Last July, FHECOR Consulting Engineers and SMART ENGINEERING signed a strategic partnership agreement, covering various fields of action in the context of civil engineering. FHECOR is a leading company nationally and internationally, dedicated to structural engineering during all phases of the life cycle of the structure: project, technical assistance with the implementation, maintenance and recycling. Its activity covers all all types of structures: building, transport infrastructure, industrial installations, etc. SMART ENGINEERING is a spin-off of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya which operates in various fields of civil engineering and intelligent materials, concrete technology, structural engineering and advanced urban engineering, and the development of tools for value analysis and support to decision making.

The agreement aims to prospect and joint develope projects, generating synergies able to improve national and international presence of both companies. The collaboration includes the development of projects of all kinds in the field of civil engineering, development and implementation of innovative techniques in the construction sector and the organization of technical training.