The Spanish subsidiary of the company BASF Construction Chemical (Master Builders Construction Chemicals Group – MBCC) and Smart Engineering have renewed this collaboration agreement that they have maintained since 2013, to collaborate jointly in the field of plastic fiber reinforced concrete this past May.

Smart Engineering has been collaborating with the company BASF Construction Chemicals since 2013 in various aspects related to the quality control of plastic fiber reinforced concrete, the calculation and design of structural elements of plastic fiber reinforced concrete, and the carrying out of training and diffusion about the use of plastic fiber reinforced concrete. This collaboration has been decisive in promoting the use of structural plastic fibers for concrete reinforcement as an alternative to traditional steel reinforcement, not only in the Spanish market but in the European market.

The renewal of the collaboration contract shows the ability of the Smart Engineering company to be a spearhead in the structural use of plastic fiber reinforced concrete. In this sense, this collaboration will allow activities to disseminate the use of structural plastic fibers in reinforced concrete, carry out characterization tests on the behavior of plastic fibers developed by MBCC, provide support in carrying out unique tests on structural elements manufactured with plastic fiber reinforced concrete and technical support in works and strategic clients.

In this way, Smart Engineering continues a strategic business line and renews the trust of one of the most important clients since the creation of the company. Likewise, it allows to continue developing a support activity for large companies in the construction sector, providing them with the know-how and new technological developments incorporated by the Smart Engineering company in the field of Structural Engineering and the development and characterization of new structural materials.